Role of the Nanotechnology Platform Center


Mission of the Center

 The Nanotechnology Platform Center is established to promote and encourage users to join in the program and subsequently to increase the efficiency of the share-use the cutting-edge equipment in Nanotechnology. The role of the center is as follows:
  • Coordination of all three platforms 
  • Quick access for users (one stop service) 
  • Promotion of interdisciplinary collaborations by the coordinators 
  • Training of young scientists / International collaboration 
  • Accepting applications for feasibility studies (FS), particularly for young scientists 
  • Providing information on the national large scale share facilities, such as SPring-8 and neutron sources 
  • Investigation for the further increase in the acceptability of users
 Moreover, the center join in the world largest exhibition of nanotechnology -- "nano tech JAPAN", and hold the annual symposium -- "JAPAN NANO" and so on.


Structure of the Center

The structure of the center and the function of National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) is as follows:
  • NIMS --- Management of the program and others     
 The headquarter of the center is located in NIMS, which is responsible for the management of the whole Nanotechnology Platform Japan Program. It works as an access point for outside users (one-stop service) and provide all information through this Web-page. Anyone can get proper information on the high-level research support using the cutting edge equipment for nanotechnology, which is setup and ready to use in member institutes and universities. The feasibility studies (FS) are accepted through the proposal bases for the beginners. The students can apply for training program of equipment, and may also apply to the international exchange program.
 Depending on the research phases going through, information on the national large scale share facilities, such as SPring-8 and neutron sources are provided if it is needed.