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Subject[SISC 2021] 52nd IEEE Semiconductor Interface Specialists Conference
Start Date2021/12/08 17:00
End Date2021/12/12 17:00
LocationHybrid Conference (Bahia Resort Hotel, San Diego, CA, USA)
DetailThe program includes talks and poster presentations (theory and experiment) from all areas of MOS science and technology, including but not limited to:
-SiO2 and high-k dielectrics on Si and their interfaces, gate stacks and metal gates
-Insulators on high-mobility and alternative substrates (SiGe, Ge, III-V and III-N, SiC, etc.)
-2D materials and devices and their interfaces
-Steep slope logic devices including negative capacitance gates, ferroelectric HfO2, tunnel FETs
-Non-volatile memory materials, including their application to neuromorphic computing
-Semiconductor interfaces relevant to quantum information
-Oxide and interface structure, chemistry, defects, and passivation: theory and experiment
-Electrical characterization, performance and reliability of MOS-based devices
-Surface cleaning technology and impact on dielectrics and interfaces
-Dielectrics on nanowires, nanotubes, and graphene
-Oxide electronics and multiferroics
-Interfaces in photovoltaics, e.g. Si passivation
-Interfaces in semiconductor lighting and optical communications
-Interfaces and surfaces in biotechnology such as bio-sensing
-Neuromorphic and quantum computing

Sponsor :
 IEEE Electron Devices Society.

Abstract Submission Deadline :August 25, 2021

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