Nanocharacterization facility for the averaged macroscale nanostructure (Characterization of "the forest averaged over individual trees")
(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST))

We have been developing advanced analytical instruments and techniques to promote industrial competitiveness and creation of new industries through industrial innovation. Our seven kinds of advanced instruments and technologies are offered as an analysis service for researchers and engineers from industry and academia via the Tsukuba Innovation Arena (TIA).
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The mission of the AIST nanocharactarization Facility (ANCF) is to solve problems that commercial analytical instruments cannot deal with. For example, commercial TEMs often face difficulties in visualizing atomic vacancies or a small amount of light-element atoms in light-element matrices. Our non-commercial analytical instruments cannot distinguish a single atomic vacancy or a single light-element atom, but they can measure the vacancy concentration and the lattice locations of light-element atoms in a region of 10 µm to 10 mm diameter, on average. The operating characteristics of nano-devices are usually related to the averaged macroscale nanostructure rather than a single atom. This is analogous to the contrast between the harmony of the forest averaged over individual trees and the location of a single tree within the forest. We provide analytical instruments and methods for observing the nanoscale harmony.
Positron probe microanalyzer
Real surface scanning probe microscopy
Visible- near-infrared transient
absorption spectrometer (VITA)
Superconducting X-ray absorption
fine atructure analyzer (SC-XAFS)


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