Chitose Institute of Science and Technology
(Chitose Institute of Science and Technology)

We at the Chitose Institute of Science and Technology focus on the creation and evaluation of new nano devices taking advantage of our accumulated knowledge of optical nanotechnology. Furthermore, we support the synthesis and analysis of inorganic ceramics and organic molecules. Also, we provide assistance for local industry in the field of biotechnology, such as food and environmental analysis, and the use of biomaterials for sustainable bio-material innovation.
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We provide assistance through four types of support: facility use, joint research, technology service, and technical consultation (including data analysis). We support molecular and material synthesis by sharing our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment with external customers. For example, thin film preparation technology, synthesis of molecules and materials, measuring the size of particles, measuring the thickness of thin films, and the chemical and physical analysis of molecules and materials. 
Specifically, we can monitor the synthesis of molecules and materials by UV-Vis, CD, IR and NMR spectrometry, evaluate polymeric materials by size exclusion chromatography and viscosimetry, measure the physicochemical properties, such as the image a variety of materials by AFM, SNOM, TEM, SEM, and EDX mapping.
SEM image of a polymer microlens
array formed by dewetting
SEM image of a honeycomb film prepared by
the self-assembly of micronsized water droplets
Optical micrograph of liquid crystals
randomly oriented on a polymer substrate
fluorescence micrograph of oriented nanofibers
of an organic charge transfer complex


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Chitose Institute of Science and Technology
758-65 Bibi, Chitose, Hokkaido 066-8655, Japan
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