Support for nanofabrication and ultra-small devices using Si related materials
(Hiroshima University)

We support high-level nanofabrication process based on ultra-small Si devices using electron beam (EB) lithography and a class 10 super clean room. We have supported nanotechnology for many years(›10 years) and are proud of many awarded results. Moreover, we educated many postdoctoral researchers who graduated in the field of physics, and got them engaged in the semiconductor field.

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The categories of support are (1) technical consultation, (2) technical support, (3) shared-use, (4) technical assistant, and (5) joint research.  In our institute it is possible to produce 6 nm nano devices using a 2 inch Si wafer. We also support non -silicon materials as much as possible, and provide high level and interdisciplinary support on N&MEMS and bio related devices corporated with Graduate School of Advanced Science of Matter (AdSM).

 Successful results obtained with our support examples are (1) low -cost fabrication technology of LED array (epitaxial film bonding method) for commercial printer from Oki Digital Imaging Corporation who received the Prime Minister's Award, Japan Prize for Creativity in 2007, and (2) method to suppress particle generation in silane plasma which received a 2006 paper award from the Japan Association of Aerosol Science and Association.
High resolution EB lithography machine
(ELS-G100, 6nm)
Inductively coupled plasma etcher 
RBS measurement system
(2.5MeV H+, He+, N+, eet al.)
Epitaxial film LED array bonded on Si
driving IC by Epi film bonding technology
(Oki Digital Imaging Corporation)




Research Institute for Nanodevice and Bio Systems, Hiroshima University
1-4-2 Kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima, Hiroshima 739-8527, Japan
TEL +81-(0)82-424-6265,FAX +81-(0)82-424-3499
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