The nanofabrication platform in Hokkaido University
(Hokkaido University)

The nanofabrication platform in Hokkaido University supports nanofabrication experiments, which can accelerate advanced research, including biotechnology, new material development and new nano-devices which control lights, electrons, and spins.

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We support users with variety of equipment located in class 100 to 10,000 clean rooms. We have nano-micro pattern formation devices including most advanced high precision electron beam (EB) lithography system (130kV), four other EB lithography systems, laser lithography system, FIB fabrication system, and mask aligner. In addition, thin metal films, magnetic materials, and oxides can be deposited by helicon sputtering system, thermal evaporator, atomic layer deposition, and ion beam sputtering. Furthermore, we have dry etching systems, such as ion milling equipment which can be used as a function of fabrication materials and accuracy etc., and evaluation systems including FE-SEM and solar simulator.

Class 100 to 10,000 clean roomsGold nano dimer structure with
controlled single nanometer gap
High precision EB lithography system (125kV)Atomic layer deposition system


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