JAIST (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) M&MS (Molecule & Material Synthesis) Platform
(Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(JAIST))

JAIST, the only member of M&MS platform located on the Japan Sea side, supports the users in "HOKURIKU" local area, the other areas of Japan, and all over the world. All staffs in JAIST contribute to the platform for synthesizing and analyzing the new molecules and materials with the well-organized open facilities and instruments.
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Center for Nano Materials and Technology (CNMT) in cooperation with School of Materials Science is responsible for this platform in JAIST. All facilities and instruments opened for the platform are managed by the staffs at CNMT. Researchers and/or engineers at Universities and/or companies without clean room or chemistry laboratory can access our facilities. We, the specialists in physics, chemistry, and biology, support your trial experiments in synthesis. And we also support the study on structure and property of your sample. Organic, inorganic, and biological materials synthesized in JAIST as well as prepared in your laboratories are acceptable. We provide the user accessibility to various analytical instruments, including NMR, MS, TEM, EPMA, etc. Deeper analysis with several different methods will deliver valuable information about your sample. New methods such as facebook, together with homepage, will be actively updated to distribute our information.

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Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, M&MS Platform
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