Under-one-roof type nano/micro-fabrication platform
(Kyoto University)

Nanotechnology Hub in Kyoto University offers the under-one-roof type nano/micro fabrication environment to build up knowledge for generating new ideas and technology network for worldwide researchers and engineers. More than eighty kinds of forefront equipment for nano/micro fabrication and characterization are offered to users, and eight dedicated and highly skilled technical engineers provide technical instruction, advice of process conditions and advanced technological issues.

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About this institute

  1. Materials and substrate size:
    The nano/micro fabrication line can handle various kinds of substrate and thin-film materials as well as conventional silicon, and can process 4 and/or 6 inch wafers to get trial fabrication data by using the equipment groups of nano-lithography, nano-material processing and analyses.
  2. Open-door policy:
    The nano/micro fabrication platform was established to support every industry-academic-government researcher or engineer by a simple application procedure.
  3. Clear charge system:
    Using fees per an hour or a day are clearly indicated for individual instruments on our homepage for easy estimation of the charge being billed. 
  4. Equipment operation:
    Users can operate their request equipment by themselves with the support by platform staffs, so that users can optimize their experimental schedule depending on their progress. 
  5. Other technical services:
    Technological consultation and proxy service by the platform staff are available.
Yellow roomClean room
Fabrication analysis roomOffice for users (TV remote discussion system)


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Nanotechonology Hub, Kyoto University
Yoshida-honmachi, Sakyo, Kyoto 606-8501, Japan
 +81-(0)75-753-5231,  FAX +81-(0)75-753-5650
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