NIMS microstructural characterization platform for advanced nanomaterials
(National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS))

Through multi-dimensional microstructural characterization supports with advanced facilities, we help solving scientific and technical problems in nanotechnology-utilized advanced material & devices, and contribute to material innovation.
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We provides researchers with advanced analysis facilities combined with the newest techniques for characterization of surface to bulk of materials so that we support not only the top-level researches for academia but also solving technological problems for industry. We promote exchange and cooperation with the industry to support the technology-oriented Japan in nanotechnology and materials research.
In-situ TEM observation of Pt nanoparticles  on graphene at 800 ℃.
  Examples of insulator observed with scanning helium ion microscope. (Left) Collagen fibers of a knee joint of mouse. (Right) Aluminum plate.
 Landau quantization on HOPG detected by scanning tunneling spectroscopy in a low-temperature high-magnetic-field UHV scanning tunneling microscope. HAADF-STEM and STEM-EELS map of La0.56Li0.33TiO3.




National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)
NIMS Microstructural characterization platform for advanced nanomaterials, office
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