Microstructural Characterization Platform / Nanotechnology Open Facilities in Osaka University
(Osaka University)

We dedicate to providing researchers a place to perform characterization by well-maintained 4 TEMs including the world highest accelerating voltage 3 MV UHVEM and ancillary equipment; assisting by highly skilled staffs; and user-friendly support services with expert advice and data interpretation.
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Research Center for Ultra-High Voltage Electron Microscopy provides transmission electron microscopes (TEMs) including the 3 MV acceleration voltage ultra-high voltage electron microscope (UHVEM) for public share-use. The UHVEM can observe the samples with thickness on the order of 10 micro-meter for polymer and biological specimens composed of light elements and can offer unique opportunity to obtain the information about three dimensional microstructures which is hard to be obtained by conventional TEMs. The center also supports the preparation of TEM and SEM samples of biological, organic and inorganic materials. All of researches from the academic topics to the industry-related problems are supported by the superior scientists and experienced technicians with the UHVEM, particular TEMs and sample preparation apparatus in the center.

 Research Center for Ultra-High 
Voltage Electron Microscopy
 Remote operation room of 3 MV ultra-high
voltage electron microscope H-3000
3000 kV ultra-high voltage 
electron microscope H-3000
Dendrites of CA1 hippocampal cells
taken by 3 MV 
ultra-high voltage
electron microscope H-3000


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Research Center for Ultra-High Voltage Electron Microscopy, Osaka University
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