Supports in synthesis and analysis toward novel nano-carbon
(Shinshu University)

Institute of Carbon Science and Technology (ICST), Shinshu University possesses advanced research facilities for studies in new carbon devices, which are well tuned for carbon materials. Many collaborations with companies are ongoing. Under this program, we support synthesis of nanocarbons and their characterization.
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In ICST, Shinshu University, we support your synthesis and characterization of novel nanocarbons. The nanocarbons in our scope include carbon nanotubes, graphene, exotic nanocarbons which are obtained by adding new atoms to the nanotubes or graphene as well as nano composites, combined material with carbon nanotubes and other materials. Open facilities in this program covers synthesis systems for carbon materials and analysis equipment including three TEMs. Our supports are given by professors, researchers, technicians in Shishu University, as well as our knowledge obtained through many collaboration projects with researches in companies. Further, we hope the studies, collaborations in this program will contributes for the creation of new industrial success with nano materials.
Cs-corrected tunneling electron microscopeConfiguration of the environmentally
controlled tunneling electron microscope
X-ray photo-electron spectrometerDiamond CVD


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Institute of Carbon Science and Technology, Shinshu University
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