Technological support for nanostructure fabrication mainly on the electron beam exposure
(Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Tokyo Institute of Technology started support of nanostructure fabrication in 2012 by using the electron beam exposure mainly, as main tool for the top-down-style nanostructure fabrication, based on the results for the past 10 years. The support is a part of the nanotechnology platform program.
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The supported area by Tokyo Institute of Technology is a nanostructure fabrication technology mainly on the electron beam exposure as a main apparatus for the top-down-style nanostructure fabrication. 

Based on the 20nm class pattern formation technology, we provide a general technique to build three dimensions nanostructure by transfer of nano-pattern in semiconductor/metal/insulator thin films by the request of user. By using overlay exposure of electron beam lithography, variety of fabricated structure becomes very wide. As we have wide knowledge of optical and electron devices of compound semiconductors, advices from material to device physics can be provided.

For protection of intellectual property rights of applicant, main style of support is the technical surrogate based on the idea of the applicant.

In addition, we have an electron beam lithography school for technique of overlay exposure with precise alignment. The school is not only held at Tokyo Tech. We have the practical school in the university with the electron beam exposure system in the platform, to obtain higher utilization of electron beam exposure in Japan.

Electron beam exposure system JBX-6300SJ (JEOL)Evaporator with 6 E-guns and load-lock system
Scanning electron microscope S5200 (Hitachi)Cross-sectional image of 3-layers resist pattern
for T-gate as the practice of EBL school.


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Quantum Nanoelectronics Research Center, Tokyo Institute of Technology
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