Nanofabrication Platform, Center for Integrated NanoTechnology Support (CINTS), Tohoku University
(Tohoku University)

An open access 4"/6" fabrication facility for MEMS and semiconductor research and development is available. Users can utilize the fab and operate the equipment by themselves. Users can also access a great deal of know-how accumulated at Tohoku University. Our skillful staff readily support users to accelerate their device/process design, evaluation, and operations of equipment.

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We offer you an open access fabrication facility which can accept various wafer sizes, including chip size, 4", and 6" wafers. The fab can be utilized for wide range of fabrication processes including mask making, photolithography, deposition, etching (wet/dry), diffusion, implantation, polishing, bonding, electroplating. The open access system contributes to the development of human resources having practical experience. The fab is located on the second floor super clean room (1,800 m2, class 1 to 1,000) of the Nishizawa Memorial Research Center, Tohoku University. In 2010, we modified a former production process line for power transistors to be an open access fab. Therefor the fab is suitable for research as well as product development. Evaluation tools, such as SEM and X-ray CT are also available.
LPCVD (SiN, Poly-Si, SiO2)Si DeepRIE
Epitaxial poly-Si StructureEngineer staffs 
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Center for Integrated NanoTechnology Support (CINTS), Tohoku University
Kentaro Totsu
Nishizawa Memorial Research Center
519-1176, Aramaki-Aza-Aoba, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 980-0845, Japan 
 +81-(0)22-229-4113, FAX +81-(0)22-229-4116
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