Hybrid "Monozukuri" based on micro-/nano-processing using silicon and other materials
(Toyota Technological Institute)

Around Si processing line, the micro-/nano-processing of III-V, carbon, magnetic materials can be dealt with. Inside members fabricate solar cells, nano-structures/devices, and MEMS. Technical advice and proxy processing service can be given. There are many experiences of training course with the practice and supporting companies.
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The clean room is open to the platform users. Si micromachining facilities (3-4 inches) realize variety of devices. Based on this advantage, nano-materials, or nano-devices are studied by inside members, who will support the relating studies. Not only Si but also III-V, carbon, magnetic, and organic materials are processed realizing the hybrid combinations. The facilities are maintained by three experienced technical staffs, who can teach the operation or give the processing service as a proxy. Inside team members fabricate solar cells, nano-structures/devices, MEMS having a lot of know-how of fabrication/analysis. In addition to the registered equipments, many other equipments can be used. The analysis and evaluation of samples are also possible at one place using nano-probe microscopes and X-ray analysis machines, for example. Our location is inside Nagoya city collaborating with Nagoya University covering Chubu area.
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Research Supporting Group, Toyota Technological Institute
Katsuji Yamashita
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