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We provide total technical support in the nanoelectronics field through device design, fabrication, testing, and analysis in close co-operation with NIMS and AIST.  We support advanced device research and development through fundamental technology components, such as device structure design and simulation using the SILVACO CAD tools, 3-D pattern generation using superfine ink-jet printer, and nanomachining and/or deposition with our FIB-SEM system.  We also promote technical support for industries and research institutes around the northern Kanto area.
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We provide total support for nanoelectronic device research, from initial design to final prototyping and testing, in close collaboration with researchers in the Graduate School of Pure and Applied Sciences, the Division of Nanoelectronics, and the Division of Power Electronics. The device structure and its electronic properties can be predicted using the SILVACO device simulator. We can also provide advanced technologies for the prototyping of devices, which includes electron beam lithography, high-throughput patterning with maskless projection lithography, physical thin film deposition (RF/DC sputtering and electron beam evaporation), and precision deposition/milling with our dual beam FIB-SEM system. The local electronic properties of devices can be analyzed using scanning probe microscopy, 3-D internal structure analysis by FIB slicing, and ultra-high resolution FE-SEM (SU-8020) imaging with low radiation damage to organic materials. We especially promote academic-industrial alliances and advanced education for researchers in collaboration with TIA nano.

Potential analysis of a 1-D quantum wire FETFIB-SEM (Photo Masami Daito)
HR-SEM system (SU-8020) (Photo Masami Daito)Example of nanostructure evaluation and analysis


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