The University of Tokyo Advanced Characterization Nanotechnology Platform
(The University of Tokyo)

Many kinds of analysis can be done at our hub, centering mainly on the analysis of atomic structures and light-element observation using state-of-the-art electron microscopes, crystal structure analysis using multi-function, high-performance X-ray diffraction equipment, and high-resolution analysis of trace elements with NanoSIMS. Located in the center of the city and with all of these facilities gathered together in one place, we are available for use at any time. Please contact our coordinator's office for more information.
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The center offers a range of advanced analysis techniques including TEM/STEM, SEM, XRD, FIB, XPS and SIMS.
The inorganic material characterization and high sensitivity elemental analysis division succeeded in observing and mapping the distribution of light elements in a material using STEM. The bio-materials characterization division visualized, without staining, hollow capsules which may be used in clinical nanodevices. The electronic structure characterization dividion is working on high-precision measurements of electronic states at nanostructure interfaces. The low-carbon and device materials characterization division evaluated the fabrication of self-assembled nanostructures.   In addition to the aforementioned results, we have achieved a whole host of other notable results in our research.

The researchers and facility managers that run these departments lend their support to the analysis of all who use our equipment, and the coordinate division is, as the point of contact to all users, able to respond to any of your questions or concerns at any time.

At our hub, in addition to allowing researchers and corporations-whether on campus or off-to make use of our equipment on their own to gather analytical data, we can also provide technical assistance from our facility managers and allow users to perform analysis based on their requests.  Moreover, we offer lectures and tutoring where you can learn how to use our equipment, and we would be pleased to have you participate.  We will also be holding a public seminar to build an understanding of our open equipment's features and analysis studies, promoting the exchange of research.  Please join us for our public seminar and take advantage of the open facilities here at the University of Tokyo.
Ultrahigh resolution STEM for light element imaging, JEM-ARM200F ColdFE (JEOL)Cryo-transmission electron microscope (JEOL)
Inorganic crystal structure analyzer VariMax Dual (Rigaku)Trace element analysis system NanoSIMS50L (AMETEK)




The University of Tokyo
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