Ultrafine Lithography and Nano Measurement Center (UTokyo)
(The University of Tokyo)

The best mix and match of (1) CMOS LSI fabrication VDEC's 17-years-experienced multi-chip foundry service and (2) MEMS post-processing in cutting-edge micro/nano fabrication apparatuses installed in Federal Class 1 Supercleanroom of VDEC in Takeda Sentanchi Building provides powerful realization tools for brand-new microdevices research.

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Since 1997, VLSI Design and Education Center of the University of Tokyo have offered access to large-scale micro and nano fabrication apparatuses such as "Rapid and Large-area drawable" electron beam writer to mainly academic users. Cutting-edge apparatuses currently available includes the Ultra Rapid Cell Projection(CP)/Variable Shape Beam (VSB) Electron Beam Writer that can draw on from diced chips to 8-inch wafer, indifferent to materials (such as glass and silicon), the patterns in average one-hour.  The site once claimed world record in silicon submicron-opening deep etching of silicon. As Japan's unique provider of CMOS technology to academic, equivalent to CMP/MOSIS foundry service, VDEC is now offering a CMOS-MEMS multiproject technology.

Super clean roomUltrarapid large-scale EB writer
Rapid silicon deep reactive ion etcherdirect E-beam exposure and DRIE
produces 4-inch MEMS in one day.


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VLSI Design and Education Center, the University of Tokyo
Dr. Yoshio Mita c/o Ms. Watanabe
Takeda Buiding 301, 2-11-16, Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0032, Japan
 TEL/FAX +81-(0)3-5841-1506
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