Support for nano-fabrication utilizing extremely high-vacuum technology
(Yamaguchi University)

Yamaguchi University supports your research and development of nano-devises and nano-fabrication processes for both academic and industrial users. Our specific feature is providing technical support for not only nano-fabrication but also extremely high-vacuum technology applications.
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Features of our support
  • Device design and nano-fabrication process for dielectric materials, magnetic materials  and superconductivity materials are available.
  • Process design for nano-fabrication is supported by equipment such as electron beam lithography system, mask aligner, etching system, and sputtering system, which are located in the clean room.
  • High performance equipment is provided such as ultra-high-vacuum five-targets two-chambers sputtering system, which enables you to deposit high-quality multi-layered thin films.
  • Highly sensitive outgassing rate measuring systems are provided to develop materials, high vacuum components and electronic devices. 

  Our experts will support your innovation in the nanotechnology field.

SEM image of micro-structured
surface and droplet on the surface
Titanium vacuum components with
high vacuum performance
Reconstructed image of a hologram pattern generated from a image of letters "NUT"Metamaterial with a mushroom structure.
(L:Regist pattern, R:Schematic illustration)


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Support Laboratory of Nano-Fabrication, 
Organization for Research Initiatives, Yamaguchi University
2-16-1 Tokiwadai, Ube-shi, Yamaguchi, 755-8611, Japan
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