How to Use Nanotechnology Platform Japan (NTPJ)


Research Fields in Nanotechnology

 Topics of "Nanotechnology" related scientific fields are shown below. It is pointed out that there are many and wide spread topics because of the nature of "Nanotechnology". NTPJ is aiming to support all kinds of researches in materials and life sciences, not just for handling "nano-size" objects. Please consider to join in our project as soon as possible!!


Type of User-Support

 There are many types of user support as shown below. Anyone can freely call or e-mail member institutes or NTPJ center wherever one consider to join in.
Technical consultation:
 Before the experiments, the users can have a consultation with the scientists of the institute. They may ask scientific points and detailed experimental procedures. If it is not appropriate to discuss at the first institute, second one may be introduced to the users.
Technical support:
 Technical support is a on-demand user-help program which will be conducted for simple experiment. There are a lot in the case of "Nanofabrication". One of the typical examples in "Advanced Characterization" is the sample preparation of transmission electron microscopy (TEM). On the other hand, the combined evaluation of the products can be made at some institutes.
Technical assistant:
 Technical assistance is a user-help program for the operation of cutting-edge equipment. The technician will help users to manipulate complicated system to set-up proper experimental conditions and to produce the best data available at the particular machine.  The user can get practice with the technician to become familiar with the equipment.
 The share-use is a category for users simply accessing cutting edge equipment as follows; 1) users who have enough skill to use the equipment can operate and get data by themselves, 2) the technicians can help the users under the arrangement of the project. The approval procedure is similar to the joint research, but the member institute will not contribute to the scientific results. Some institutes have technical programs for training the users.
Joint research:
 Joint research which is conducted between the registered users and NTPJ member institutes is a main body of one-stop research support. The proposal of the particular projects should be applied before the experiments and the results will be analyzed together. The publication to scientific papers and press, and the patent application can be made under the responsibility of users. The users may keep 100 % of the patent right after the discussion with the institute. The proposal should be approved by the point of view of scientific, technical and application merits which cannot be obtained by private sectors.

Proposal and Use

 The general procedures start from the inquiry of use at the web site, by telephone or e-mail. The users can usually submit their proposal. After the proposal is approved, the experiments will be done and results have to be analyzed. The annual report should be published at the completion of the project (see below). The proposal submission, the approval process of the project, the judging criteria and the time required depend on the organization. Please directly contact to the organization by telephone or e-mail.


Publicizing the Results

 Since "Nanotechnology Platform Japan" is sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology (MEXT), all of the results obtained have to be open for public. However, the publicizing the results can be delayed up to several years in the case of scientific publication and application of the patents. The agreement for the intellectual property such as patent must be discussed between users and the institute.

 Those who want to keep the exclusive right on the results for longer time can apply to other systems which must be individually operated by the institutes with different research sources. In this case, they may charge more for that of NTPJ.

User-Fee ----- The charging rate of support

 The organization will charge to the users for small amount of payment in compensation for the consumed efforts. The total amount of the payment usually depends on the frequency of use. The rate changes institute by institute. Please ask the organization in advance.

 The rate for the users who want to get exclusive right for the results varies strongly with the organization. Please check it individually.

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