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[SIP-IMASM2017] International Joint symposium of 3rd Innovative Measurement and Analysis for Structural Materials and TIA-Fraunhofer workshop (Oct. 3-5)

 The 3rd SIP-IMASM symposium is open to the public and is supported by the cross-ministerial strategic innovation promotion program (SIP) of the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan. SIP-IMASM is a team under the Structural Materials for Innovation program (SM4I) which operates under the auspices of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). SM4I focuses on technology related to aircraft and power stations. The SIP-IMASM team is also under the open innovation platform TIA, and is composed of all the core organizations of AIST, NIMS, University of Tsukuba, KEK, and the University of Tokyo.

 The SIP-IMASM sessions of keynote talks, invited talks, progress reports from the SIP-IMASM team are followed by the TIA-Fraunhofer workshop. A topic of the joint symposium is CFRP composites material that has been used for the main wings of B787 and A350, as well as in automobiles. In order to meet the 2℃ target of the 21st United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21), the usage of CFRP and light or heat-resistant metallic structural material in transport machines is encouraged and covered in the symposium.

[Time] Oct. 3 (Tue), 2017 12:00 - Oct. 5 (Thu) 17:20

[Venue] AIST Tsukuba Central, Auditorium

[Participation Fee] Free

[Early Registration Deadline] Sept. 25, 2017 12:00

SIP-IMASM2017 committee
AIST nanometronics lab/Nanoelectronics Research Institutes
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
1-1-1, Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8568, Japan