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The scope of JAPAN NANO 2009

The environmental problems that the world faces today arise from the fact that the global energy consumption by humans has become non-negligible relative to the capacity of the earth. Thus the urgent requirement is to develop technologies that minimize the environmental burden in the processes of energy generation, transport, storage, and consumption.

Nanotechnology enables us to create materials that do not exist in nature by controlling substances at the nanometer level, and it is expected to provide efficient means of energy utilization with minimum burden on the earth’s environment.

“JAPAN NANO 2009” will focus on the energy and environmental issues and present overviews on worldwide projects to solve these issues.

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Date : February 18th (Wed), 2009
Venue : Tokyo Big Sight, Conference Tower (Tokyo) Reception Hall A, B
Language : English/Japanese (simultaneous interpretation)
Conference Fee : Free

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10:00-10:15 [Opening Session]

<Opening Remarks>
Mr. Fumio Isoda (Director - General, Research Promotion Bureau, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)

Prof. Teruo Kishi (President, National Institute for Materials Science)

10:15-10:55 [Plenary Lecture]

"Technologies for Mitigating Global Warming"
Prof. Yoichi Kaya (Director General, Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE))

10:55-14:00 [Session1 : Generation and Consumption of Eenergy]

"Helios Solar Energy Research Center - A Nanomaterials Approach to Artificial Photosynthesis"
Dr. Heinz Frei (Helios - Solar Energy Research Center, U.S.A.)

"Dye-sensitized solar cells with Nanotechnologies"
Dr. Liyuan Han (National Institute for Materials Science, Japan)

12:00-13:10 Lunch

"Nanostructured Alternative Materials for Fuel Cells: Perspectives and case studies"
Prof. Kazunari Sasaki (Kyushu University, Japan)

"Enzyme-Based Bionic Batteries and Fuel Cells"
Prof. Matsuhiko Nishizawa (Tohoku University, Japan)

14:00-16:15 [Session2 : Transport and Storage of Energy]

"Nanotechnology for Energy and Environment in Germany"
Dr. Karl-Heinz Haas (Fraunhofer-Institut fur Silicatforschung, Germany)

"Development of photocatalytic system for hydrogen production from water with solar energy"
Prof. Kazunari Domen(The University of Tokyo, Japan)

15:05-15:25 Break

"Chemistry and Application of New Porous Coordination Polymers/Metal Organic Frameworks"
Prof. Susumu Kitagawa (Kyoto University, Japan)

"Iron-based Superconductors : Recent Advances"
Prof. Hideo Hosono(Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

16:15-17:45 [Session3 : Energy Saving and Environment]

"Nanotechnology for Global Environmental Challenges - Saudi projects at IBM Almaden for desalination, photovoltaics and green chemistry"
Dr. Spike Narayan (IBM, Almaden Research Center, U.S.A.)

"Nano Thermoelectrics for E2 Technology"
Prof. Kunihito Koumoto(Nagoya University, Japan)

"Development of energy efficient building materials for saving air conditioning energy"
Dr. Koji Tajiri(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan)

17:45-17:50 [Closing Remarks]

Prof. Sukekatsu Ushioda (Chairperson of the Organizing Committee of JAPAN NANO 2009 / Director General, NIMS Center for Nanotechnology Network,National Institute for Materials Science, Japan)

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