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The Scope of JAPAN NANO 2019 F

Nanotechnology is a basis for developing various current critical technologies on high-speed communication, sensor/actuator, low power consumption devices, and wearable devices etc. relating to IoT and AI toward a super smart society (Society 5.0). In the symposium, role and advancement of nanotechnology for realizing super smart society will be viewed together with presenting on advanced technologies and their applications for nano-characterization, nano/microfabrication, molecules/materials synthesis which Nanotechnology Platform covers.

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Date February 1st (Fri), 2019
Venue Tokyo Big Sight, Conference Tower Reception Hall
(Ariake, Tokyo :
Language English/Japanese (simultaneous interpretation)
Conference Fee Free

Organized by
Nanotechnology Platform by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
Center for Nanotechnology Platform, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)
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[Organizing Committee]

Shigeo Tanuma (Chair) (National Institute for Materials Science)
Yasuo Koide (National Institute for Materials Science)
Hidetoshi Kotera (RIKEN)
Nobuo Tanaka (Nagoya University)
Yoshinobu Bana (Nagoya University)
Daisuke Fujita (National Institute for Materials Science)
Toshihiko Yokoyama (National Institutes of Natural Sciences, Institute for Molecular Science)

[Program Committee]

Shigeo Tanuma (Chair) (National Institute for Materials Science)
Masahiro Goto (Kyushu University)
Nobuo Tanaka (Nagoya University)
Tetsuji Noda (National Institute for Materials Science)
Nobutaka Hanagata (National Institute for Materials Science)
Yoshinobu Baba (Nagoya University)
Takeshi Fukuma (Kanazawa University)
Yasufumi Fujiwara (Osaka University)


10:00-10:10 < Opening Remarks >

Kazuhito Hashimoto (President, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan)
Remarks by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

10:10-10:45 < Plenary Lecture >

Yoshinao Mishima (The Chair, Committee on Nanotechnology and Materials Science, MEXT)
"R&D Strategy for Nanotechnology/Materials Science toward Super Smart Society"

10:45-11:15 < Special Lecture I >

Masayoshi Esashi (Tohoku University, Japan)  
"MEMS Toward Realizing Super Smart Society"

11:15-12:05 <Session 1 : SensorEActuator >


Jin Kawakita (National Institute for Materials Science, Japan)  
"R&D of sensors and actuators toward agriculture and healthcare applications"

11:40- Kiichi Niitsu (Nagoya University, Japan)  
"Nanotechnology-enabled Sub-nano-Watt Integrated Healthcare IoT ~Stand-Alone Energy-Autonomous Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring Contact Lenses ~"

12:05-13:05 Lunch

13:05-13:30 < Session 2 : nanotech 2018 award lecture >


Shinichi Yorozu (NEC Corporation, Japan)  
"Nanotechnology in IoT era"

13:30-15:00 < Session 3 : Overseas Nanotechnology User Facility Programs >


Thirumalai Venky Venkatesan (National University of Singapore, Singapore)  
"Route to neuronal electronic Devices"

14:00- Peter J. Cumpson (University of New South Wales, Australia)  
"XPS and SIMS in a multi-user environment: Role of novel cluster ion sources, analysers and quantification methods"
14:30- Mitsuhiro Murayama (Virginia Tech, USA)  
"Emerging understanding of anthropogenic and natural nanoparticle impacts on Earth systems - a new paradigm for earth science -"

15:00-15:20 Break

15:20-16:40 < Session 4 : Characteristics of Facilities and their Applications in Nanotechnology Platform >


Katsuaki Sato (Program Director for Nanotechnology Platform, MEXT)
"Toward further development of nanotechnology platform"

15:40- Kanako Inoue (Osaka University)  
"Improvement of chemical fixation effect by oxygen nanobubble -Cytological analysis of Ralstonia solanacearum-"
16:00- Yoshio Mita (The University of Tokyo)  
"More chance with Nanotechnology Platform: Next Generation MEMS R&D model"
16:20- Masahiro Goto (Kyusyu University)  
"Biopharmaceutical Application of Nanotechnology-Development of Transdermal Vaccine-"

16:40-16:45 < Closing Remarks >

Shigeo Tanuma (Chairperson of the Organizing Committee of JAPAN NANO 2019 / Director, Center for Nanotechnology Platform, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan)

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